A Scheil-Gulliver simulation tool using pycalphad.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from pycalphad import Database, variables as v
from scheil import simulate_scheil_solidification

# setup the simulation parameters
dbf = Database('alzn_mey.tdb')
comps = ['AL', 'ZN', 'VA']
phases = sorted(dbf.phases.keys())

liquid_phase_name = 'LIQUID'
initial_composition = {v.X('ZN'): 0.3}
start_temperature = 850

# perform the simulation
sol_res = simulate_scheil_solidification(dbf, comps, phases, initial_composition, start_temperature, step_temperature=1.0)

# plot the result
for phase_name, amounts in sol_res.cum_phase_amounts.items():
    plt.plot(sol_res.temperatures, amounts, label=phase_name)
plt.plot(sol_res.temperatures, sol_res.fraction_liquid, label='LIQUID')
plt.ylabel('Phase Fraction')
plt.xlabel('Temperature (K)')
plt.title('Al-30Zn Scheil simulation, phase fractions')


pip (recommended)

scheil is suggested to be installed from PyPI.

pip install scheil


conda install -c conda-forge scheil

Development versions

To install an editable development version with pip:

git clone
cd scheil
pip install --editable .[dev]

Upgrading scheil later requires you to run git pull in this directory.

Run the automated tests using



Uses classic Scheil-Gulliver theory (see G.H. Gulliver, J. Inst. Met. 9 (1913) 120–157 and Scheil, Zeitschrift Für Met. 34 (1942) 70–72.) with assumptions of

  1. Perfect mixing in the liquid
  2. Local equilibrium between solid and liquid
  3. No diffusion in the solid