✍️ Pre – Requisites

  • Terminal where you will execute the script

  • ffmpeg

    ♦ Arch Linux

      sudo pacman -S ffmpeg

    ♦ Ubuntu

      sudo apt install ffmpeg
  • youtube-dl

    ♦ Arch Linux

      sudo pacman -S youtube-dl

    ♦ Ubuntu

      sudo curl https://yt-dl.org/latest/youtube-dl -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
      sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
  • Python 2.7 or Python 3.5+

  • The Google APIs Client Library for Python:

      pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  • The google-auth-oauthlib and google-auth-httplib2 libraries for user authorization.

      pip install --upgrade google-auth-oauthlib google-auth-httplib2
  • httplib

      pip2 install httplib
  • httplib2

      pip2 install httplib2

? Setup

1. Download the repo:

 git clone https://github.com/spantheslayer/yt-upload-automation.git && cd yt-upload-automation

2. Open the client_secrets.json file & modify the client_id and client_secret part with your own oauth2 credentials.

==if you don’t have your oauth2 credentials then follow this otherwise move to step 3.==

Create or select a project in the API Console. Complete the following tasks in the API Console for your project:

  1. In the library panel, search for the YouTube Data API v3. Click into the listing for that API and make sure the API is enabled for your project.
  2. In the credentials panel, create two credentials:
    Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID Set the application type to Other. You need to use OAuth 2.0 credentials for requests that require user authorization. For example, you need user authorization to retrieve information about the currently authenticated user’s YouTube channel.
    Now copy the client_id and client_secret and modify the client_secrets.json

3. Make the atmt.sh file executable

chmod +x atmt.sh

4. Run the atmt.sh file

Now Watch The Script Doing It’s Magic XD

You Are Done ?

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GitHub - spantheslayer/yt-upload-automation at pythonawesome.com
This script fully automates of downloading tiktok videos, editing them,compiling them and finally uploading them to youtube. If you wanted to create a tiktok video compiilation youtubbe channel thi...