License: MIT

This is a script to export logs from AWS CloudTrail to a local file.

Getting Started


  • python 3
  • boto3
  • pip


First of all you need to clone this repository:

git clone

After clone access the folder:

cd cloudtrail-export-logs

Running the script

To run the script you need to feel some arguments:

  • “-s”, “–startime”: The start time to get the logs, example 2021-12-01
  • “-e”, “–endtime”: The end time to get the logs, example 2021-12-31
  • “-r”, “–region”: The AWS region to get the logs, example us-east-1
  • “-a”, “–accountid”: The Account ID to get the logs: example 012345678901

Example of command:

python3 --startime 2021-12-01 --endtime 2021-12-31 --region us-east-1 --accountid 012345678901

The script will generate a structure like this:

|-- output
|   `-- 012345678901
|       `-- us-east-1
|           `-- cloudtrail-from-2021-12-01-to-2021-12-31-ID-012345678901-region-us-east-1.txt


To delete the script, you can run the following command to delete the folder:

rm -rf cloudtrail-export-logs


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