A script to parse and display buy_tag and sell_reason for freqtrade backtesting trades


Copy the script into your freqtrade/scripts folder. You then need to backtest with the –export options enabled in freqtrade so that this script has the right data to work with:

freqtrade backtesting -c <config.json> --timeframe 5m --strategy <strategy_name> --timerange=<timerange> --export=trades --export-filename=user_data/backtest_results/<name>-<timerange>

Then you can run: -c <config.json> -s <strategy_name> -t <timerange> -g<[0,1,2,3,4]> [-l <path_to_data_dir>]

The -l option is the same as the --datadir option in freqtrade, in case you have your downloaded historic data in a different folder to user_data/data/

Example: -c my_config.json -s DoNothingStrategy -t 20211001- -g0,1,2


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