GDExtension Project Creator

this is a script (currently only for linux) where you execute a script that generates a base project for your gdextension, it setups all base files needed for the most basic of gdextension.


How to use

  • open terminal at godot-cpp folder
  • type: ./
  • You will be asked for project name which will be the folder name and the resulting build file names
  • Then it will ask the class you want to extends like: Control,Node3D,Node
  • at last it will tell you to moodify and
  • will build your project
  • where is OUTDIR change to the project you want the output files to be


I’ve added inside the base folder a script called which means when you create a project the script is copied to your project folder, the name itself describes what it does, it create a new class and already reagister it on register_types.cpp which means you can add classes faster now:

  • on terminal type ./
  • Will be asked for class name
  • Then which class your class extends from i.e Control,Node….
  • Done


If you understand windows .bat, and want to convert the .sh scripts for windows, your PR is very welcome!


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