• The secure password generator
  • Built with the rich python library

NOTE: This is a WIP, its not finished and needs lots of work


With git

git clone https://github.com/Mattio-cmd/spg

cd spg/src

chmod +x spg.py


  • If you want to use this program anywhere on your system just type the following command (with root priviledges):
    cp spg.py /usr/bin

With pip

pip3 install passgpy
pip3 install rich

  • For clipboard support (optional)
    pip3 install pyperclip


  • xclip (optional)
    • It is needed for copying the password automatically.
  • python 3.9.9 or higher
    • Altough it may run in just python 3.2, who knows
  • rich
    • For this, just follow the instructions for rich under Installation
  • pyperclip
  • A font that supports emojis



If you want to support me, as i am a solo dev, be sure to donate!
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