Social Int Framework

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Social Int Framework its a Selenium script that scrape the IG photos and do a Reverse search on google and yandex for finding another social accounts linked on a account

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New Features!

  • Download all photos from a account
  • Use your own URL (It doesnt need to be a IG photo)

You can also:

  • Use all Scraped data to do a Wordlist ( TO BE ADD)
  • Export it to another Scripts

The project idea its to give the option of doing a automated WebInt scan on IG , something tha could take hours just in several minutes

Yet to come in another updates its :
  • the suport to facebook page ,
  • a spider crawler that does a better search
  • a Web app
  • Container image


Solint Framework uses

  • Selenium – Selenium Webdriver (Mozila is used , if want to use another change on the script)
  • Bs4 – BeautifullSoup framework
  • Python3 – Python3
  • [Txtfile] – Another extensions on requirements.txt


The Solint Framework mainly needs python3 and selenium to run also install requeriment.txt

Install the dependencies and devDependencies and start the server.

$ git clone $ cd SocialintFramework $ pip install -r /path/to/requirements.txt $ sudo python3

Script Working

  • Results
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Want to contribute? Great! I dont code that good , so fell free to help 🙂


  • Write MORE Tests
  • Selenium Headless mode
  • Add Another social networks
  • Add Shelock Script
  • Add another Search Engine



Free Software, Hell Yeah!