Module: 4006CEM, Class: B, Group: 5


  • Jonas Djondo
  • Roshan Kc
  • Cole Samson
  • Daniel Rodrigues
  • Ihteshaam Naseer

Kind reminder: If anyone does obtain any ideas from this project, could you please use our group as a reference.

Description: The objective for this ChatBot is to engage a conversation with a user within specific topics such as:

  • Premier League (league standings data: Position, Points, Goals For, etc…)
  • Global transfers (all player values around the world. *converted to British pounds sterling)
  • Economic club value (premier league economic club values such as total asset and income incoming and outcoming transfer fees.)

This ChatBot will feature:

  • Discord API
  • Player value API
  • Keyword Identifier
  • File Handler/Analysis

How to use:

  • Download all .py files
  • Download all .csv files
  • Pip install following modules:
    • nltk
      •‘punkt’) – located near the top in, uncomment this
      •‘averaged_perceptron_tagger’) – located near the top in, uncomment this
    • pandas
    • re
    • requests
    • bs4


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