This module is a set of image related conversion rules for use with omni-converter.


pip instasll omni-cv-rules


from omni_converter import AutoDataFactory
from omni_cv_rules import CV_RULEBOOK
auto = AutoDataFactory(CV_RULEBOOK)
# loading an image
img:"IAutoData" = auto("image_path","path/to/image")
# You can convert it to any format by calling 'to'
# this will automatically search for a composition of functions to convert 'image_path' into numpy array.
ary:np.ndarray ="numpy,uint8,HWC,RGB,0_255")
# CHW means that the tensor shape is (Channel, Height, Widgth).
torch_img:torch.Tensor ="torch,float32,CHW,RGB,0_1")
# BCHW means that the tensor shape is (Batch, Channel, Height, Widgth).
torch_batch:torch.Tensor ="torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1")
# you can start searching from any format
base64_str:str = auto("torch,float32,CHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("base64")
# everything can be changed at once
np_ary:np.ndarray = auto("torch,float32,CHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("numpy,float64,BHWC,BGR,0_1")
# list of format is supported. enclosing any valid format with square bracket means that the data is list of that format. 
paths = ["1.png","2.png"]
# and back also
auto("torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("[torch,float32,CHW,RGB,0_1]") # list of torch array from a batch!
auto("torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("[image,RGB,RGB]") # list of PIL.Image.Image!
auto("torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("[base64]") # list of base64
auto("torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("[html]") # list of base64
auto("torch,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1",torch_img).to("widget") # ipywidget for displaying in notebook


numpy/torch tensor

tensor_like = tensor_type,dtype,arrange,channel_representation,value_range
tensor_type ::== numpy | torch
dtype ::= uint8 | float32 | float64 | int32 | int64
arrange ::= HWC | CHW | BHWC | BCHW | HW
channel_representation ::= RGB | BGR | YCbCr| RGBA | L | LLL| RRR | GGG | BBB | XYZ |...
value_range ::= 0_1 | 0_255 | -1_1 | None | ...

example: "numpy,float32,BCHW,RGB,0_1"

PIL Image

examples: "image,RGB,RGB", "image,YCbCr,YCbCr"

base64 encoded png image


html tag with base64 encoded png




image path


Normal Map


any list of data can be expressed as a list of format.
examples: "[image_path]",[image,RGB,RGB],[numpy,uint8,HW,L,0_255]


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