Secure CRT Cisco Shortcuts

This is a set of libraries for automating Cisco devices (and to a lesser extent, bash prompts) via SecureCRT.

SecureCRT's built-in python functions are very basic, making it difficult to automate complex tasks. This library makes it easier to write scripts for Cisco devices by adding a little abstraction.

Main goals of this project:

  • Abstract automating SecureCRT so writing scripts requires less work
  • Make it easier to do OS agnostic scripting (IOS XE, XR, NXOS, ASA, etc.)
  • Make it easier to parse Cisco configurations and shell output

Currently I have tested this library mostly on IOS, IOS XE, ASA, and NXOS. While I have prototyped a class for XR, I am not familiar enough with XR to finish it.

This entire project is under the GPLv3 license. I would love to see others contribute to it!


As of writing this README, SecureCRT only works with Python 3.8, so make sure you DON'T install a later version unless they update SecureCRT for newer versions of python.

To setup dependencies, navigate to the project's root directory and run "pip install -r requirements.txt"

Example Script is an example script you can run from SecureCRT. Use it as a template to build your own scripts with this library.


This project was made possible by referencing solutions from two other projects on Github:

  • jamiecaesar/securecrt-tools
  • btr1975/secure-crt-python-public

Both are Python 2, rather than Python 3, and thus did not meet my needs. Nonetheless, I am indebted to both. Thank you!