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An extension of pytest test runner which provides a set of useful tools to simplify testing and development of the Flask extensions and applications.

To view a more detailed list of extension features and examples go to the PyPI overview page or package documentation.

How to start?

Considering the minimal flask application factory bellow in as an example:

from flask import Flask

def create_app(config_filename):
   # create a minimal app
   app = Flask(__name__)

   # simple hello world view
   def hello():
      return 'Hello, World!'

   return app

You first need to define your application fixture in

from myapp import create_app

def app():
    app = create_app()
    return app

Finally, install the extension with dependencies and run your test suite:

$ pip install pytest-flask
$ pytest


Don’t hesitate to create a GitHub issue for any bug or suggestion. For more information check our contribution guidelines.