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A shimmer pre-load component for Plotly Dash


Get it with pip: pip install dash-loading-extras

Or maybe you prefer Pipenv: pipenv install dash-loading-extras


See for a simple Dash app example, or use Shimmer like you would a dcc.Loading component. Wrap it around any components you want to shimmer while loading and don’t stop ’til morning.

from dash import Dash, html, dcc
import dash_loading_extras as loading
app = Dash()

app.layout = html.Div([
    html.H1("A Long Loading Graph"),
    html.H2("It's worth the wait!"),
        dcc.Graph(figure=fig, id="graph"),
        # show_spinner=True # optionally keep the loading animation on top of the shimmering element


If you want to tweak the CSS used, inject your own CSS before Shimmer gets there with the shimmer_css function. Common styles to tweak are the opacity, hue, and speed of the shimmer

import dash_loading_extras as loading
app = Dash()

loading.ASSETSDIR = "path/to/your/cssassets/folder"
loading.shimmer_css(app=app, path="my_better_shimmer.css")

app.layout = ...

Future Work

Open to ideas! So far there’s:

  • Customize shimmer styles (programmatically generating CSS at runtime)
  • More loaders (spinning, bouncing, erupting?)
  • Remove need to pass app into Shimmer call


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