A silly RPG(Not MMO) made in python, FOR WINDOWS 10 ONLY!

Hello tester, to install pymmo follow the steps bellow:

1.First install python from:
REMEMBER to tick the ‘add python to path’ box in the installer!

2.Then run the Install.bat file(as admin), do all the stuff it says.

3.Now edit the pymmo.bat with right click and change the cd “ENTER GAME PATH HERE!!!” to put your folder path for the game
E.G: cd “C:\Users\User\Desktop\Python’s MMO\pymmo”
Now the batch file acts as a short cut so you can drag it wherever you want.

4.Right click into folder and select windows terminal(If not there restart computer)

5.When in terminal type pymmo

6.And you are finished!!!

Many thanks for taking the time to test my game!!!
Here is a discord link were you can download the latest versions of my game and chat:
If you need extra help or this did not work here is an outdated youtube tutorial:


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