A Simple and Complete Replit API Package.

The Replit GraphQL API is an extraordinary way to make projects unique and special, yet with the numerous packages available few such projects have been made. Why would that be? Most likely due to how complicated writing code can get and the limitations of their queries. My package,, changes that with a simple to use structure and many queries, some of which are:

  • Queries for Data on Users (such as Profile, Posts, Comments)
  • Queries for Data on Posts (such as Upvoters, Content)
  • Queries for Data on Repls (such as Files, Comments)
  • Mutations for Commenting, Reporting, and Posting
  • Queries for Data on Leaderboard (with filters such as cycles since)
  • and lots more!

This package is also simple to use with it's class-based structure. Simply create a new class for your User, Post, or whatever your heart desires and use built in functions with options to query data your way.