A Simple Pythonic Asynchronous API wrapper for Revolt.

An example payload bot:

import voltage

client = voltage.Client()

@client.listen('ready', raw=True)
async def on_ready(payload):
    print("Started bot!")

@client.listen('message', raw=True)
async def on_message(payload):
    if payload['content'] == 'ping':
        await client.send_message(payload['channel'], 'pong')
    if payload['content'] == 'embed':
        embed = voltage.new_embed(title="Hello World", description="This is an embed")
        await client.send_message(payload['channel'], content="Hi", embed=[embed]) # Adding content since it's required by revolt.



Voltage is available on pypi!

To install voltage just run:

$ pip install voltage

If you want to install the main branch which may have more features but will be more unstable you run:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/EnokiUN/voltage``

note: installing from github requires the git cli to be available on your machine.


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