Python Code Runner Discord Bot

This is a simple bot for running Python code through Discord. It was originally developed for the Beginner.Codes Discord server.



This bot will allow any user to run Python code on the computer that is running the bot. The bot is designed to do this in as safe a manner as possible. There is no way to be 100% certain that it cannot be hacked.


The bot uses Poetry for packaging and dependency management. You will need to follow the installation instructions before you can get started with the bot.

Additionally, you will need a bot token from Discord. You can read about how to get yours here.

Configuration & Setup

First things first, we need to install the dependencies. To do that install Poetry by running:

python -m pip install poetry

Next run Poetry to install the bot dependencies.

poetry install

Next you need to configure the bot with your settings. To do this copy the example.yaml file and name the new copy production.yaml.

Once that’s done open it up and in the bot section change the token string to your bot token.


To run the bot you’ll need to be in the directory which you cloned the repo, and run the following command:

poetry run python -m bot

This will create a virtual environment with all the required dependencies and run the bot.

Allowed Modules

For safety reasons the bot only allows members to use a limited list of enabled modules. You can adjust this list by editing the bot/allowed_modules.txt file. Each line is an enabled module.


GitHub - beginner-codes/PythonCodeRunnerBot at
Simple Discord bot that runs Python code. Contribute to beginner-codes/PythonCodeRunnerBot development by creating an account on GitHub.