A simple bot which using an API , detects reported discord scams and kicks the user if possible while deleting the message. This bot was created using dis-snek (dev branch).

How to Use?

Simply add the bot to your server and you’re done, make sure that the bot has permissions to manage messages and kick users.

Click here to add to your server directly.

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Is there a way to check if it works without kicking?

Yes, just DM the bot the URL you want to inspect and if it’s included in the database, then it will reply back that it was found. If you want to report an url, it’s recommended to go to the API’s Discord server

If the owner of the server is affected by a scam

In such case, as expected if the bot has permissions it will remove the messages but won’t kick the user (it can’t).

I sent part of a Fake Nitro URL but it wasn’t detected

The issue with nitro scam is more about the clickable urls than sending the directions themselves. This bot will detect the scams which start with http://, after all without that part, discord doesn’t convert the message to an URL, which decreases its risk by default and prevents us to kick false positives. Additonally it’s reliant on the API.

I added the bot after the scams, will it the delete messages?

No, this bot activates upon messages and from there it makes decisions, if the bot wasn’t there, then it won’t delete the messages when it wasn’t present.

That’s a cool API, how can I use it?

The API used in the bot, was designed by nwunder. Feel free to check the following link for .


ScamKicker is developed and distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license.


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