Kivy Calculator

A Simple Calculator made with kivy framework.Works on all platforms from Windows/linux to android.

Simple kivy project to help new kivy users build android apps with python.

Getting Started


  • Python, kivy and buildozer.


pip install kivy
pip install buildozer

Executing program

  • After installing all the necessary modules.
  • open project directory in your IDE and run
  • or from your terminal and type:
cd /../../project_files

Packaging Your App for Android

Create a new folder and navigate to it in your terminal. Once you’re there, you’ll need to run the following command:

buildozer init

edit buildozer.spec file like app title.
then copy your calculator application into your new folder and rename it to
and now run

buildozer -v android debug

first build will take a long time;Buildozer will download whatever Android SDK pieces it needs during the build process.
if build success you will find your apk in bin folder.