Python Chat

A simple chat application written in Python using TCP Sockets and urwid



Clone or download this repository however you like.

$ git clone

Make sure Python3 is installed and install urwid:

$ pip install urwid

On a terminal session start the server:

$ python

You can stop the server with CTRL + C

Now start the client

$ python

You can type /quit or /q to exit the client.


The project is simple and could work well as a private chat server among some friends but there are a few more changes I’d like to have for it to be more practical:

  • Resuming/Reconnecting
  • Ability to type server address (currently it assumes localhost)
  • Message history (without database, just store like last X messages in memory)
  • Useful Slash Commands
  • Some more code clean up and various little things.
  • Demonstrate creating bots. (You can already do this by leveraging the client connection code from but I mean demonstrate it and find some practical uses for it)

Who knows maybe I could eventually turn this into a named project?


Released under MIT License

Also credits to nigiri from which the client side UI is based off, more specifically from this gist


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