Socket Chat Room


• Socket Chat Room was a little project for socket study. It works with a server handling the incoming connections from the clients. Clients send encoded messages while waiting for others clients messages simultaneously. And the server receive all the messages and delivers to the other clients.

How can i use?

• First, the needs to be executed by the host, for managing connections. Server will require the ip and the port to host the service, this ip must be from the host on some network it is on. And port need to be any port not allocated for another service.

• Same thing for the clients, but the ip this time needs to be the server ip and the same port. If the connection works right you can type your nickname and you can start chatting!


• If you don’t have a server, network configuration or a global ip for hosting this service, it’s easier just use a LAN or emulate one with a software like Radmin.

• Whether you use Windows and have python installed, you can just double click on .bats to run services :).


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