EAVT helper CLI

Simple CLI to convert snapshots into eavt log, and eavt log into slowly changing dimensions



Clone the repository. Then browse to the project folder install the package in the dev mode:

  $ pip3 install --editable .

Snapshot to EAVT log

To convert a snapshot table into an EAVT log, make sure your csv have an unique column identifying the entities, and a date (or timestamp) column with the information of the time of the entity snapshot:

$ eavt_helper snapshot-to-eavt snapshot_table.csv id_col time_col out_eavt_file.csv

EAVT log to Slowly Changing Dimension

To convert an EAVT log into a Slowly Changing Dimension:

$ eavt_helper eavt-to-scd eavt_log.csv out_scd_file.csv


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