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A simple command handler for Hikari.


  • Simple and intuitive API.
  • Slash, user, and message commands.
  • Error handling.


Crescent is supported in python3.8+.

pip install hikari-crescent


Crescent uses signature parsing to generate your commands. Creating commands is as easy as adding typehints!

import crescent

bot = crescent.Bot("YOUR_TOKEN")

# Include the command in your bot - don't forget this
# Create a slash command
async def say(ctx: crescent.Context, word: str):
    await ctx.respond(word)


Information for arguments can be provided using the Annotated type hint.
See this example for more information.

# python 3.9 +
from typing import Annotated as Atd

# python 3.8
from typing_extensions import Annotated as Atd

async def say(ctx: crescent.Context, word: Atd[str, "The word to say"]):
    await ctx.respond(word)

Commands can also be inside of a sublcassed crescent.Bot object for an object-oriented workflow.

import crescent

class Bot(crescent.Bot):

    # bot.include isn't needed in subclasses!
    async def say(self, ctx: crescent.Context, word: str):
        await ctx.respond(word)


Contact Lunarmagpieā¯¤#0001 on Discord or create an issue. All questions are welcome!


Create a issue for your feature. There aren’t any guildlines right now so just don’t be rude.


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