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What Is It?

It is a command-line password manager, for educational purposes, that stores localy, in AES encryption, your sensitives datas in a SQlite database (.db). This project was made to learn more about cryptography and not for intended for actual use. This software is used at your own risks. It is provided as is and I (including any contributors) do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss done with or by it.


Clone this repository: git clone or download zip

  • Enter the folder: cd PassVault/
  • Install python3
    • Linux

      • sudo apt-get install python3
      • chmod +x *
      • python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
      • Finished!
    • Windows and Mac


After installing, use the following command to install the dependecies and run the program.

$ python3

Or you can manually install the dependecies and run:

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3

⚠️ The program needs all the files, be sure to have all the dependecies and files installed.

How It Works

  1. After running you need to create your master password. This master password will be the key to indenty if the user is actually you, be sure you have saved, because the master password is unrecoverable.
  2. Follow the steps and answer the inputs, these informations will be saved.

After following the steps, the code will store your datas, encrypted in AES encryption, that comes from a python library pycryptodome, in a SQlite file. To authenticate the user, they are prompted to create a master password (that is also used to decrypt data) which is then stored using HMAC autentication code (that use SHA3_512 Hash Function for the digest mod). Whenever the user is prompted to verify their master password, the password they enter is compared to the hash of the stored master password and access if granted if the two hashes match.

if os.path.isfile('db/info.json'): # verify if the master password is created
    with open("db/info.json", 'r') as f: # read the salt stored in the file
      jfile = json.load(f) 

    self.master_pw = getpass.getpass('Enter your master password: ') # ask the master password

    h =, msg=str(jfile["Informations"]["salt"]).encode(), digestmod=hashlib.sha3_512).hexdigest() # use HMAC and encrypt in sha3_512 HASH Function 

    if h == jfile["Informations"]["master_password"]: # compare with the hash of the master password

Author and Contributor




  • @carvalinh0 for helping me in the AES encryption.

All notable changes to this project will be in project changelog


If you want to contribute see guidelines for contributing.


This project is under the MIT License.


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