Bidirectional Cross Attention

A simple cross attention that updates both the source and target in one step. The key insight is that one can do shared query / key attention and use the attention matrix twice to update both ways. Used for a contracting project for predicting DNA / protein binding here.


$ pip install bidirectional-cross-attention


import torch
from bidirectional_cross_attention import BidirectionalCrossAttention

video = torch.randn(1, 4096, 512)
audio = torch.randn(1, 8192, 386)

video_mask = torch.ones((1, 4096)).bool()
audio_mask = torch.ones((1, 8192)).bool()

joint_cross_attn = BidirectionalCrossAttention(
    dim = 512,
    heads = 8,
    dim_head = 64,
    context_dim = 386

video_out, audio_out = joint_cross_attn(
    mask = video_mask,
    context_mask = audio_mask

# attended output should have the same shape as input

assert video_out.shape == video.shape
assert audio_out.shape == audio.shape


  • allow for cosine sim attention


As far as I know, I came up with it, but if you discover this in the literature, do let me know and I will cite it appropriately.


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