A simple Discord bot boilerplate.

King is a simple boilerplate from a bigger Discord Bot project created for my Discord Server. I intend to showcase the concept of databases and caching for low response time when it comes to processing requests for a Discord Bot.

  • Database/Caching System
  • Blacklist System (ban users from using your bot)
  • Custom Help Command
How To Use

Use pip install requirements.txt to install the dependencies for this project.

King works based off of the config YAML file provided. See king/config.example.yaml for more information.

Depending on whether or not you provide a mongo_db_uri in your config file, King will sync your database with a local storage generated for the use of making less database calls.

Other than that the boilerplate stops right there. I will most likely be updating this project with more features and cogs in the future but if you are interested in contributing I am more than willing to accept your PRs.