LoveAndChaos-Bot v0.1.0

LoveAndChaos-Bot is a Discord Bot specifically designed for a private server; this bot is merely a test and a method to expose MorganRoseTV to coding in python and to reintroduce them to the world of programming.


Prefix: !


Bot Management

load: Loads an extension
unload: Unloads an extension
reload: Reloads an extension
stop: Stops the bot.

Fun Module

8ball: Returns a randomized response to a question.
hug: Allows users to give each other hugs.
bite: Allows users to bite each other.

Utilities Module

ping: Returns the bot’s latency
makelist: Makes a list from the user’s message.

Moderation Module

Bonk: Sends a user to timeout for 5 minutes.


As of now, there is no security to prevent users from using the management commands, that is on the list of things to do. Please don’t break it if you have access to the server ?
So far, it has taken Morgan 6 hours to get this far.


Pull requests are welcome, though admittedly I do not know much about GitHub yet, so please be patient if I’m doing things wrong, thank you!

Task List

  • Make bot operational
  • Add basic functionalities and extension support
  • Create and add a profile picture to the bot
  • Make code look pretty
  • Make all current code work, bug free
  • Come up with more contents to add to this list
  • Add comments throughout the code to explain what it does.
  • Add new fun commands; Hug, and Bite
  • Add Bonk command
  • Update comments

Contact Me

You can contact me either here on GitHub, or feel free to join my Discord Server where you can ask me questions or make suggestions!


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