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HttpRunner is a simple & elegant, yet powerful HTTP(S) testing framework. Enjoy!


Design Philosophy

Key Features

  • Inherit all powerful features of requests, just have fun to handle HTTP(S) in human way.
  • Define testcase in YAML or JSON format, run with pytest in concise and elegant manner.
  • Record and generate testcases with HAR support.
  • Supports variables/extract/validate/hooks mechanisms to create extremely complex test scenarios.
  • With plugin, any function can be used in any part of your testcase.
  • With jmespath, extract and validate json response has never been easier.
  • With pytest, hundreds of plugins are readily available.
  • With allure, test report can be pretty nice and powerful.
  • With reuse of locust, you can run performance test without extra work.
  • CLI command supported, perfect combination with CI/CD.


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