Ain’t coder

Ain’t coder (just ain’t coder instead of encoder) – A very simple encoder that converts each character from the input data to a hexadecimal number.


Clone repository:

git clone
cd aint-coder/

Create a virtual environment: python -m venv env. On Linux you should use python3 instead of python.

Activate the virtual environment:

env\Scripts\activate.bat   <- on Windows
source env/bin/activate    <- on Linux

And install all dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt


Flag Description
-e --encode Converts the input data to a hexadecimal number.
The default action.
-d --decode Converts the input data to a normal string.
-k <key> --key <key> The number that serves as a multiplier.
The default key is defined in User configurations


python src/
Hello, world!              <- Here's the input

0x9c0:0x280:0x440:0x440:0x500:0x13c0:0x0:0x700:0x500:0x5c0:0x440:0x240:0x1100   <- Here's the output

python src/ --decode

Hello, world!

python src/ --key 32
Hello, world!


python src/ --decode --key 32

Hello, world!

User configurations

The user configurations is defined in top of the src/

KEY = 64



KEY – The default key.

FORMAT_SPEC – The Mini-Language format specification. Supports only the hexadecimal format:

  • x – lower case with no prefix.
  • X – upper case with no prefix.
  • #x – lower case with 0x prefix.
  • #X – upper case with 0x prefix.

SEPARATOR – The character that serves as an encoded words separator. You can use any punctuation character.