Explore CLIP Embeddings in a rclip database

A simple FastAPI web service + Vue.js based UI over a rclip-style clip embedding database.

A live demo of this software based on an index of wikimeda images can be seen here.

It enables a search syntax like zebra -stripes +spots to do simple math on CLIP embeddings as shown in this screenshot.

Example of 'zebra -stripes +spots'

A live demo of this system using Wikimedia images can be seen here.

Some interesting results:

It can also do a search based on the difference between the CLIP embeddings of two images directly. For example, CLIP considers this image of a spider on a purple flower minus this image of the same kind of spider on a white flower to be .

I find this useful for trying to understand what concepts CLIP considers similar and why.

Thumbnail images in the screenshot are from Wikimedia Commons, and are released under various open source licenses. You can perform the same search and click on an image to see the license for each respective image.