Table of contents

General info

This is a simple framework to make object detection dataset very quickly.

Pascal VOC XML and CSV files are supported ! (they are returned each time ‘Validate‘ button is pressed)

Let’s see an example:

And this is how the result look for the CSV File:

And (a part of) the result for the XML File:


Use Run.bat to execute the program.


  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Pillow


I- Launch Run.bat

II- Pick a working directory by clicking on the button with a folder on it.


  • Write in Object Class the name of the class to be asigned to the bounding box.
  • Push the button ‘Draw BB‘ in order to draw a new bounding box, do it for every bounding box.
  • When you are done push the button ‘Validate‘ in order to save all the changes in ‘annotations.csv’
  • You can navigate freely between all your files and see the bounding boxes already placed.


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