Ball breaker

This is a simple game made using pygame

game view

The game view have been updated wait for the new view to be uploaded

Learning concepts

In this game we can learn how to work with

- Different states
- Score calculation
- collision detection 
- sprites
- movement

The sprites are made using pygame Sprite class. So, You might also learn about classed based approach on doing things.


  • [ ] some issues are to be fixed in issues section please make sure to check them and make this game better
  • [ ] If you feel some issues please mail me at [email protected]
  • [ ] Beginners like me feel free to learn and ask question. :+1:
  • [ ] There is an special issue in the issue section which requires new level. If you are interested or new to github contributions you can just print a good pattern for the game and make a pull request :cowboy_hat_face:


If you want to try this game on your computer then do the following steps:

1. Download the zip file from codes in this repo
2. Unzip this file on your personal device
3. Open command propmt / poweshell window in the unzipped file
4. In your command prompt / powershell window type the following command
5. python
5. If it shows some error download the required packages which is given in requirements.txt(in most of the cases, you will only need pygame)

Author @Rishikesh-kumar-7258

Thank you! for visiting our game. I hope you would enjoy it.


GitHub - Rishikesh-kumar-7258/Block_breaker: This is a simple game made using pygame.
This is a simple game made using pygame. Contribute to Rishikesh-kumar-7258/Block_breaker development by creating an account on GitHub.