pyGinit is a command line tools that help you to initialize your current project a local git repo and remote repo


Requirements before install pyGinit:

  1. a github account and it's personal acces token
  2. git 1.70 or newer
  3. python >= 3.7


using pip :

pip install pyGinit

from this repository(maybe not stable) :

git clone
cd path/to/pyGinit
pip install --editable . # install it globally so you can use it everywhere


authetincation :

You need to add token and username of your github account using :


use the same command to change your auth value

repository initalization :

go to your porject directory where you want to create local and remote repository for it. and then type :

pyGinit init

all you need is to fill out inquirer by pyInquirer and let pyGinit do the rest, from creating local repository,remote github repository, and push your directory to github Note: make sure the directory is not a local git repository