A simple GUI app of nuitka

  1. Features
    1. Build python code into executable files with nuitka
    2. Shortcut buttons for common usages
    3. Compress folder to a zip file
    4. Add a entrypoint bat file
    5. Dependency and source code separation, only build the source code
  2. Why not upload to
    1. Not a good work yet
      1. Dirty code structure
      2. Just for simple use, and it does work
  3. User manual
    1. How to build
      1. Download it
        1. source code or windows executable
          1. Source Code
            1. Auto find the Python executable path
          2. Windows executable
            1. Need to choose the Python executable path
      2. Run it
        1. Windows friendly for now, double click it
          1. May also be compatible with other systems
      3. View it
        1. click the View button of Output Path line.
    2. How to use
      1. Run the app.bat for short, but it will flash a console
      2. Or you can run the app.exe in the folder app.dist
  4. Documentation?
    1. GUI apps do not need docs.
  5. What’s More?
    1. I think about it




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