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ChatterPatter is a simple GUI based chat application which includes both SERVER AND CLIENT scirpts in same application. Simple in front , complex in back . So complex that even the developer fears going through it again and again.
Developed solely on Python.

Python Libraries and Modules Used

  • Sockets
  • Threading
  • Tkinter (Tabs , Listbox , Labels , Entry , etc.)
  • Coomments (?)
  • and a lot ✨Magic ✨

IDE Used : PyCharm


  • Works only on LAN , so all devices must be connected to same network
  • Colorful Interface
  • An instructions tab as well to clarify the usage
  • Create a Server Room
  • Server Room Maker can chat through the server interface , instead of opening a new client for himslef/herself
  • Clients can join easily with the generated room code
  • Close Room option closes the sockets and rooms
  • All the chats are shown to everyone and the server can see when someone has joined
  • Users can also use their own names to chat by entering it in the entry boxes ( Optional )

Note from Developer

The idea behind this project is nothing.
I wanted to create something for my blank github profile
And also wanted to learn python
And also wanted to create a chat application as my first project
So , this is for me and others who might need it sometime in life
Cheers to python
— Said by the Developer

And of course Chatterpatter itself is open source on Github ?



  • Python must be installed on the system to run it
  • No external things are required ( I don’t think so )

Executing the Program

There are two ways to execute the program

  • Using CMD : Open the folder in CMD first and execute the following code >>

>> python
  • Using MainFile.exe included : Just run the MainFile.exe file included in the MainFile directory or you can also use the shortcut of the same made in the root directory

.exe Made with the help of Auto-py-to-exe :

Future of this ??

The future of anything is uncertain . Same goes for this as well . I am not sure If I would come back to this or not . But If I come across using sockets on global level , I would surely implement on this . But currenctly , I can’t say anything .


Want to contribute? Great!

ChatterPatter uses Python only , so one who knows even the basics of it can contribute to it.
Make a change in your file and instantaneously see your updates!

The Developer after writing this Readme :



Free Software, Hell Yeah!


Q1) I Found a bug in the software. How can I report it ?
Ans) You can mail the developer using [email protected] or you can use ISSUES in github as well.
Q2) I am interested in supporting developer . How can I help him ?
Ans) Currently , I ( the developer ) is in no condition to ask or accept any help . But I always appreciate if you share my content and STAR it on github . Since , I am in learning stage , I will be making more softwares in future . I mostly like to work solo , so , you won’t be able to help me currently . Anyways , thank you for you support and I would love to answer your questions or help you in your works as well. Thank you !! :))

Thank You for Going through my software and Helping me . Make sure to STAR the project for supporting me ? ? (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


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