Discord Snipe Bot

This is a bot made with the same message content sniping API from isobot and Arch bot.
It’s default prefix is -, however you can also set a custom prefix to your liking.
To run it, go into the ‘bot_token’ variable in the ‘USER CONFIG’ part of the code. Enter your bot
token inside the empty variable. You can get your Discord bot token from https://discord.com/developers
Also in the same part of the code, replace ‘EMPRY_USERNAME#0000’ in the owner variable with your Discord username.

How to install

To install for windows, run win_cmd_install.bat.
If you are on a machine running GNU/Linux, run linux_installer.sh.


-snipe command to show the most recently deleted message in a channel.

-editsnipe command to show the most recently edited message in a channel.

If you have any new ideas for this bot, or want to report a bug, DM notsniped#4573

Parts of README.md pulled from https://github.com/sniperking3335/heckerbot


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