A simple music player, powered by Python, utilising various libraries such as Tkinter and Pygame



  • Play Song
  • Previous Song
  • Next Song
  • Skip to specific song (from box on left)
  • Cover Art of Album
  • Volume Control
  • Album Selector (folder selector)
  • Restart Song


  • Tkinter
  • Pygame
  • Pillow


  • A folder, containing mp3 files, and, if possible, a png file (usually of the album cover)

How does it work?

  • Upon opening the file, you are prompted to select a folder and you must select the folder containing your mp3 files
  • You will then be presented with a GUI, allowing you to control the music


  • Currently, the next song doesn’t play upon the previous songs completion, I am working on this
  • Also attempting to work on adding a song slider and time elapsed section
  • The music player was built as part of an RFID Music Player on a Raspberry Pi project


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