Daily Dose of Malware

A simple, open-source, easy to use, and free download manager for malware samples.

Malware is art. Don’t let it become a filthy criminal’s tool.


As of now, the software is buggy but gets the job done.

Search syntax:

filter:"value1,value2,value3..." limit:integer

The limit keyword is optional: if you don’t specify it, it will default to the value of 100. To begin the search, you must specify at least one filter.

Filters Alias(-es) Represents Type
tag None Tag “%s,%s,…”
signature sig, sign Signature “%s,%s,…”
file_type ft, type, filetype File Type “%s,%s,…”
hash sha, sha256, sha-256 SHA-256 “%s,%s,…”
limit None Samples to find “%d”

You may use filters themselves or their aliases as arguments in the search box. Please note that the whitespace is treated as a separator, and you must only use it in between the keywords.

I didn’t quite understand the types…

The types used in the table follow the printf standard, here’s the basic list of them:

Identifier Type
%s string
%d int
%f float


The interface will inevitably change, but the skeleton on the screenshot will remain the same.



Daily Dose of Malware is written in an interpretable language, therefore crossplatform. It was thoroughly tested only on Windows 10, but should run on any Linux distro and OSX just fine.

  • Python 3.10 and higher

  • Python dependencies (listed in requirements.txt):

    import pyqt5
    import requests
    import threading
    import pyzipper
    import webbrowser
    import functools
  • Basic safety precautions

    • Automatically unzip malicious samples only inside a sealed protected environment – Virtual Machine.
    • Keep zipped malicious samples in a safe corner, delete if you don’t have any use for them.
    • Sandboxes are deceptively unsafe.
    • Isolated real hardware works well, make sure it’s isolated though.
  • Basic technical skills 😉

Known bugs

  • Sorting for non-string values is broken
  • Cancel button sets half-found search results
  • Application crashes while parsing huge chunks of data


In case you find a bug in the software, hit me up in the issues. Make sure to articulate the issue well and if you have enough Python knowledge, suggest a way to fix it. Thank you.

I don’t accept pull requests, because this project is my university assignment for 2 semesters.


The best cherry-picked samples are stored in my Malware Database.

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