NetConfParser is a tool that helps you analyze the rpcs coming and going from a netconf client to a server

Building NetConfParser

NetConfParser can be built for Windows with pyinstaller

  • pyinstaller –windowed –icon=fs.ico -F –add-data “fs_ico_encoded;.”

  • It will give an exe as output in dist folder Please zip it if you want to distribute it For Linux, you can use python directly

Using NetConfParser

Usage of NetConfParser is pretty straightforward

Loading log file

You can either paste the entire content of the log file in the upper right text box Or use the load button which will open a dialog box

Parsing log file

After loading the log file, you will have it pasted in the upper right text box Just press the Paste button just under the text box A tree will appear on the left frame

Reading the output tree

Output tree is on the left frame In yellow you have the hello and the notifications In blue the rpcs coming from netconf client In green the rpc responses coming from netconf server You can expand the content of all messages by clicking the + on the left

Generating SCT file to reproduce PRs — Not usable

Under the lower right text box press the button Generate SCT Text will appear in the lower right text box Use then Copy To Clipboard button to copy


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