A simple program to display current playing from Spotify app on your desktop

How to Use:


Currently Supports GNOME and KDE. If you want to support your Desktop Environment and know how to set wallpaper via command line, please create an issue.

Download the installer from here and go to the path where you downloaded the installer to and do

chmod +x wallspotInstaller.sh



Now you can find a menu entry named “WallSpot” in your applications menu.

You can close the program by right clicking on the tray icon and clicking Exit.


The program requires pillow and pystray to work. It tries to install these dependencies on its own (requires internet), if it can’t, it would not launch and you can manually install them by

pip install pillow


pip install pystray


Support for Windows is a Work In Progress. Please check this out in a few days.

Inspired by: Blueberry


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