fi is a simple Python 3.9+ command-line application for managing Fidelity portfolios.

Master, when you need to manage your portfolio, I calculate a 75% probability that
fi will be helpful.


fi asks for manual confirmation: Place order [Y/n]

Pressing enter uses the default value Y meaning yes.


  1. Install a browser driver.

  2. Clone fi:

    git clone
  3. Install requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Update config.ini with your own information.

  5. Run

Recover from an error

If an error occurs in the middle of placing orders, delete the completed orders in the
generated orders.csv file and run orders.csv.

Automatically check for an opportunistic rebalance

  1. Set the FROM_ADDR and PASSWORD variables in to a Gmail login.

  2. Allow less secure apps in the Google account settings.

  3. Set the TO_ADDR variable to the target email address for notifications.

  4. Run at least once to generate shares.csv.

  5. Edit the paths in check.service.

  6. Run ./install to enable and start the systemd timer on Linux.


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