A basic Python API wrapper for working with Cloudflare Stream. started off using Cloudflare Stream. We used their API very heavily and pulled out our code into a simple
client for others to use. It’s not perfect, nor is it close to being complete. But it’s a good start for anyone who wishes to contribute!


pip install python-cloudflare-stream


You will need a Cloudflare account with Stream minutes added. We recommend starting small with a $5 subscription just to get your feet wet.

Once you have your Cloudflare Stream subscription you’ll need:

  • Your Account ID, which you can find in your Cloudflare Dashboard.
  • Your email address you used for Cloudflare
  • Your API key
  • Then run:

from python_cloudflare_stream.client import StreamClient

keys = StreamClient.create_signing_keys()

That will give the PEM key you will need and the “signing token”. Save these as they are only displayed once.

Understanding Cloudflare Stream

Stream is a bit different from other platforms. It’s very basic, fast, reliable and moderately priced.

Everytime you upload a video, the video receives a “UID”. You’ll want to store this UID as it’s the only way to refer to a video through their API.

Here is some example code to get you started:

from python_cloudflare_stream.client import StreamClient

keys = StreamClient.create_signing_keys('your-cloudflare-account-id', '[email protected]', 'your-api-key')  # Gives you your PEM and signing_token (called an "id") if you don't have that already. These are only displayed once per API call and aren't shown when listing your keys

# Store these somewhere safe.
signing_token = keys['result']['id']
pem = keys['result']['pem']

# Init the client
client = StreamClient(
    auth_email='[email protected]',

# Sample download URL
download_url = ''
# Tell Cloudflare to download the sample download URL from above
video_uid, all_data_dict = client.pull_from_url(download_url, 'Test video', require_signed_url=True, watermark_uid=None)

# Get details about a specific video from its video_uid
data = client.get_video(video_uid)

# Get the total minutes in your account, and the total remaining minutes

# Create a download URL from Cloudflare. Wait until its ready, or return a URL that can be used sometime in the future.
download_url = client.get_download_url(video_uid, wait_until_ready=True)

# Delete a video
deleted = client.delete_video(video_uid)

# List up to 1000 videos at once
videos = client.get_all_videos()


Happy to accept contributions of any size!


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