🏃 Simple Local CI Runner 🏃

A simple python application for running a CI pipeline locally
This app currently supports GitLab CI scripts

⚙️ Setup

  1. Install the python dependencies (in requirements.txt) – This currently only requires pyyaml, which is installed on many devices already
  2. Run the CI runner using python3 main.py -d <directoryToTestIn> -c <configFile> with the minimum arguments, replacing the fields between <>

✅ Arguments

When calling the local ci runner, the following arguments can be included

Argument Description Type Required Default
--showErrors (-e) Whether the errors should be shown. Boolean N False
--timeout (-t) The time, in seconds, before a job is timedout. Int N 30
--baseDirectory (d) The base directory to run the jobs in. String Y N/A
--config (-c) The configuration file to run the jobs from. String Y N/A
--onSuccess (-s) The command to run on the success of all jobs. String N N/A
--onFailure (f) The command to run if at least one job fails. String N N/A

🎓 Licence

This software is released under the GNU AGPLv3 licence

👨 The Author

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