A simple Python calculator with Sun-Valley-ttk-theme image

About Fluent-Python-Calculator:

A very simple calculator with a modern UI made in Python thanks for the stunning Sun-Valley-ttk-theme and Segoe UI Variable font. This is my first project ever in my life so feel free to open an issue or pull requests to help me finish the project!

Use the calculator

  • Make sure you have a code editor (VS code, Notepad ++,..) and Python installed.
  • Download the file in release
  • You can double click to run the program or open with a code editor to edit it

Dark/Light mode images

Light mode: image

Dark mode: image

Future development

  • Improve button size
  • Add ‘error’ message into the app
  • Improve UI
  • Add proper changing dark/light mode
  • Change to exe? (maybe)


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