This is Simple Python Program Which Converts Your Text to Speech.


First install Pyttsx3 using command : pip install pyttsx3

what does code provided do

The code Provided in text_to_speech_main.py (Do not Edit this File Craete a copy of this file make changes in that file ) reads up text that is assigned to variable x , as shown in image below

Screenshot 2022-10-11 104138

How can you Contribute

For issue “Text to speech converter Issue 1”

Task 1

Edit the provided code such that it can directly fetch the information from a text file of your local system and read contents of file. 
Rename your File to  "Sample.txt" 

Task 2

Make Changes in code such that at time of execution user have a choice to hear speech in a Male or Female Voice.
Complete Either one of task to contribute sucessfully in “Text to speech converter Issue 1”

For issue Tell me a story…..

This is an Enhancement type Issue:

to successfully contribute to this complete all the below-mentioned points:

  1. Make 5 text files that contain 5 different stories.
  2. edit the code in such a way that when it is executed
     2.1  The user is asked by computer voice which story he/she wants to hear ( the voice should ask the user by telling names of stories).
     2.2   after getting input from the user from the terminal , a story must be told.


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