Made with Coingecko API, this is a VERY simple python script that asks you the crypto, date and currency you want and then proceeds to give you the price and MarketCap at that precise moment

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packages :

  • requests (paste ‘pip3 install requests’ in cmd and run)
  • json (paste ‘pip3 install json’ in cmd and run)
  • colorama (paste ‘pip3 install colorama’ in cmd and run)

How to Setup Code:

  • Download the zip file

  • then type ‘cd’ + (directory of file code is in)

  • then type ls

  • then type ‘python3 bot.py’

  • hit enter

  • First input: crytpo LONG name (not eth or btc) ex: bitcoin, ethereum, cardano etc…

  • Second input: date (dd-mm-yy)

  • Third input: currency ex: eur, usd, usdt etc…

You will get the MarketCap and Price for that specific date !


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