A simple python script that parses the MSFT Teams log file for the users current Teams status and then outputs the status color to a MQTT connected light.

Project: Teams Light

Written By: Lorentz Factr

Date: 2/1/2022

Instructions & Prerequisites:

1. Setup an MQTT broker service with a TOPIC called “TEAMS_STATUS”

2. Setup an MQTT controlled light source that subscribes to your MQTT broker with topic “TEAMS_STATUS” on port 1883.

3. The default settings of this program assumes your light source accepts instructions as a formated string “R,G,B” (line 24).

4. If your light source is not setup to accept the format I designed, you will need update to the key values in the
custom_return dictionary with what your subcriber expect (line 28).

5. Update the mqtt_broker variable with YOUR MQTT broker IP address (DONT USE ‘localhost’) or public domain (line 35)

6. Update the filepath to the logs.txt location in your computer (line 38).

7. Not required: update the hard interval update to the desired amount of time in seconds (line 49)

8. If you want to run this on startup… Make a shortcut to, move the short cut here: %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup