A Simple Script written in Python to Download YouTube Videos These videos can also be downloaded as audio.


  1. Clone the Repo
cd videodownloader
# run pipenv shell
pipenv shell
# Then install the dependencies
pipenv install
# To Run the script 


You can either run the GUI (, the script ( directly for interactive mode,
or use the command line arguments on the script (

python3 -u rfscVS0vtbw -l
python3 -u rfscVS0vtbw -o videos/ -f my_downloaded_video
python3 -u rfscVS0vtbw -i 278 -o videos/ -f my_downloaded_itag_video
python3 -u rfscVS0vtbw -o audio/ -f my_downloaded_audio --audio-only
python3 --help

-u --url            YouTube URL or YouTube Video ID to download
-l --list-streams   List available streams for this YouTube Video 
                    instead of download. Use -a/--audio-only to list audio streams.
                    Download specific stream with the 
                    itag ID and -i/--itag argument.
-i --itag           Stream ITAG to download for given YouTube Video/ID.
                    List streams with -l/--list-streams argument.
                    If ITAG is not provided, default stream will be downloaded.
                    Downloading with ITAG ignores -a/--audio-only.
-o --output-path    Output Directory Path
-f --filename       Override the output filename. Does not override file extension
-p --proxy          Proxy to use. Ex NOTE: You need https proxy for https URL!
-a --audio-only     Download Audio Only

NOTE: If you are using a proxy, you need https proxy for https URL!



Here's the demo on how to use it


Building Windows EXE

If you want to build the Windows EXE manually, make sure you have pywin32 installed,
as well as pyinstaller. Then run the following command from the script directory.

pyinstaller --clean --onefile pyinstaller.spec

The EXE will be put into the dist directory within the script directory.