Simple Pi-hole Stats Display

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This Python script outputs Pi-hole statistics on a 2.7″ e-ink display, and updates it periodically.

Note: This is just a statistics display script, not the actual DNS Sinkhole. If you’re looking to set up a DNS sinkhole, check out the Pi-hole project page, totally unaffiliated with this script.

The display I use is from WaveShare, and this script uses their library. (Instructions on how to install their library can be found in the previous link.)

Configuring the script

There are three variables to customize, which are near the top of

: The IP address of your Pi-hole instances. (Use localhost if it’s running on the same Pi as the PiHole).

: A title to display at the top of your stats. Customize it to your liking!

: The number of minutes between refreshes. I use five minutes.


The fonts folder includes the open-source Roboto font family.

Enjoy! ?


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