Auto Octofinder

The Quest

This tool helps with the Octorand game. In Octorand there are 1000 Prime Octorand NFTs in existance and they all have randomly generated names – 8 letters long. They generate a crypto-token called an Octo on a fixed schedule. They sit on the Algorand blockchain.

You can rename your Octorand – but the rules are:

  • you can only move one letter at a time
  • they can only move one step in the alphabet (a “C” can only become a “B” or a “D”)
  • Each move costs 10 of your hard earned Octo

Thus it becomes interesting to the average Octorand Prime owner to know which words are ‘easiest’ from your starting position.

What is it?

This Python script takes the current ‘name’ of an Octorand Prime from the command line and calculates the number of ‘turns’ it would take to make all the words defined in words.txt.


Edit line 6 of the script to set the threshold (default: 17). No word with more than this number of ‘turns’ will be printed.

If you set this higher, the list gets very long very quickly.


Run from a python machine with python3 – or use Trinket from the Web (you’ll have to import both words.txt and

Adding more words

The words are stored in words.txt and are newline seperated – just add extra words on the end or remove rubbish words as you go!

Example run

Enter Prime's current letters (or blank to exit):algorand
Starting letters are: a|l|g|o|r|a|n|d
Starting values are: 0|11|6|14|17|0|13|3| sum = 64
Threshold = 17
agiotage = 17
alginate = 17
allopath = 17
bedstand = 17
blipping = 17
comorbid = 17
honorand = 17
ephorate = 16
aldolase = 15
blinkard = 15
endosarc = 15
biennale = 14
biforate = 12

(Note: blipping is an awesome word)

Hope this helps someone – I am no Python Programmer – but enjoyed learning how to do this in Python – and help support an amazing Algorand based project!


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