A simple Python wrapper for the capturing service.



pipenv install archiveis

Python Usage

Import it.

>>> import archiveis

Capture a URL.

>>> archive_url = archiveis.capture("")

See where it’s stored.

>>> print archive_url

If a URL has been recently cached, may return the URL to that page rather than conduct a new capture.

Command-line usage

The Python library is also installed as a command-line interface. You can run it from your terminal like so:


The command has the same options as the Python API, which you can learn about from its help output.

$ archiveis --help
Usage: archiveis [OPTIONS] URL

  Archives the provided URL using the capturing service.

  -ua, --user-agent TEXT  User-Agent header for the web request
  --help                  Show this message and exit.


Install dependencies for development.

pipenv install --dev

Run tests.

make test

Ship new version to PyPI

make ship

Developing the CLI

The command-line interface is implemented using Click and setuptools. To install it locally for development inside your virtual environment, run the following installation command, as prescribed by the Click documentation.

pip install --editable .